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HCCU is run by volunteers. We have various voluntary opportunities on offer to our members and we would like all members to consider what they can do to help. The more people that get involved, the less onerous the work becomes for everyone. Credit Unions are financial co-operatives. As such, HCCU is run by and for its members. As many members as possible should get involved.

If you only have an hour or two to spare, you may still be able to help. In doing so, you can meet people, gain (or improve) skills, gain experience to enhance your CV, and, most of all, you can make a difference to the community of Lochaber.

HCCU tries to source locally – we bank with the Clydesdale Bank in Fort William and through Post Offices throughout the area; we buy stationery and office equipment from local businesses; we get our printing done locally; we make use of village halls and the Council Service Point. We have no external shareholders, so money stays in Lochaber.

In order to run HCCU, we need:

  • Volunteers to staff collection points.
  • Directors.
  • Supervisory Committee members.
  • Credit Committee members.
  • Volunteers to help with publicity and promotion.
  • Volunteers to undertake some office work.

The best way to ensure that HCCU is a success is to tell people about it. Word of mouth really is the best way to promote HCCU.

If every member recruited just one new member, then we would double in size. The more people that join, the more members benefit.

Highland Communities Credit Union Board of Directors

Highland communities credit union requires new member volunteers for the board of directors, read more.

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